GTG was born out of the passion for safety and fun co-existing. Come again?



Our Mission

Well, as a kid growing up in a small country town, our family were born on bikes. Treadly’s and motor bikes. It was our passion. But after seeing my older brother badly hurt after being hit by a car at 11 years old, it all changed for me. Thankfully he fully recovered. But many don’t. 

You choose to be a biker. Face it you are nuts. You are part of the crazy club that chooses to put yourself between metal and motor, dirt and tree, where it is for fun or fortune. You even do your bit for the planet by being green. Good for you. But don’t be green on safety. Beyond wearing the appropriate clothes and skid-lid, let me get hands-on your ride and ensure it is loving you as much as you love it. Call it peace of mind by talking advantage of my 40+ years of being like you. Crazy for the ride. It’s that simple. 

I’ll be your rides best friend. Go Treadly Go, let’s ride. 

Bro!!! Bike was absolutely humming along!! Treadly power!
— Jake Salmon, 70.3 WC qualifier
Gaz is the bike whisperer. He listened to my minor concerns and checked my bike so throughly after a long ride, it’s like an entire new set of wheels. Magic.
— Tiffany R. CBD Commuter
A big thanks Garry...Phil has the biggest smile now. You’ve given his stead some not so happy he’s even faster!
— Nat - @Natandphil

Get served

  • Bronze Service: $99.00 Gear adjustment, brake adjustment, minor wheel true, lube drive train, safety check, frame wipe down, check and inflate tyres.  
  • Silver Service:  $149.00 Bronze service + Full degrease and wash, wheels trued and tension checked, hub adjustment, headset adjustment, cables lubed.
  • Gold Service: $199.00 Silver service + headset inspected, serviced and re-greased. Bottom bracket inspected, serviced and re-greased.
  • Platinum Service: $249.00 Gold service + hubs inspected and serviced, cleaned and re-greased.
  • 15 minute free parking (King George Square secure parking, enter off Adelaide Street) for drop off and pickup convenience.
  • Extended opening hours 6am - 8pm Mon-Fri.
  • *services are not inclusive of parts needed / replaced.
  • We service all makes and models, the latest carbon killer with unobtainable super light kit or dirt hack hucking 40ft gaps. If you deliver food, we fix your ride.
  • Suspension servicing and tuning, we'll have your ride running smooth on the trail with a 48hr turn around. 
  • Looking for a new parts and accessories. Need advice on the right option to keep you in the bunch, honest logical advice on your options and Budget.
  • Bike fitting, need setting up on your new pride and joy, we'll fix it or point you to the right Bike fit specialist for your needs.
  • Pick up and delivery service available (pre-bookings only).
  • Online parts fittting services.