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Bronze Service

Gear tune, Brake adjustment, Drive train lubrication, minor wheel true, safely check, tyre inspection & inflation and a wipe over of your frame.

Silver Service

Bronze Service + Degrease drive train, full bike wash, wheels trued and tensions checked, Hubs adjusted, headset adjustment and cables greased.

Gold Service

Silver Service + Headset bearings removed inspected, cleaned and regreased, Bottom Bracket removed inspected, cleaned and regreased.

Platinum Service

Gold Service + Hub bearings removed, inspected, cleaned and regreased.


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Workshop labour charges

  • Tube / Tyre replacement $10
  • Wheel True $30-$50
  • Bottom Bracket Service $40
  • Hub Service $40
  • Gear Tune x1 $25
  • Cable Replacement & Adjustment $35
  • Part Install $10-$30
  • Degrease & Wash $45
  • Headset Adjustment $15
  • bike assembly (from Box) $100
  • Bike Build $250+ (bike style dependant)

Service Booking & Enquiry

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