Garry Shing

Stuff Garry has done - Lapierre Brand Manager Australia, Pro-mechanic Fly V Australia, Australian Team Mechanic  Mountain Bike World Champs (2009), Team USA Track Mechanic World Cup (2010), Toyota United Mechanic (Sun Tour), United Health Mechanic (Sun Tour), Shop Owner Rapid Cycling, Workshop Manager Yellow Jersey. 

On the flip side a lot of spare time goes to working with charities in raising money for Queenslanders in need (this may involve a love of Star Wars).


Stuff Treadly has done - Born in Parkham, Tasmania in 2011 as the only short-haired-tri coloured bordie collie in the litter.  Returned with Garry back to sunny Brisbane in 2013. Contributes to construction noise around Brisbane by catching air out of car windows, practices zen dog, mountain bike trail dog, stand-up paddle dog, expert ball catcher dog, cat lover and possum barker. Treadly helps out in the Go Treadly Go workshop from time to time.